is a company, founded in January 1998, which specializes in national and international shipping services.

The experience we have gained allows us to provide a professional level of services to our clients, whereas a constant development and reliability established a good position for our company in the shipping industry.

Our foreign market clientele varies from big companies specializing in steel, paper and granulate products to leading German logistic companies. Our loading points are located mainly in the Silesian district, Krakow and Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski.

Our level of service constantly expands our clientele and we hope you will join them too.

For our clients we provide:

Modern gear and equipment
Fast order execution time
Liability insurance policy for the forwarder and carrier
International authorizations and permits for road haulage
24-hour a day availability
Flexibility and individual approach – price negotiation possibility
Constant cargo monitoring
Vehicles with 26 tons cargo load with the possibility of loading from different sides, as well as from the top

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ul. Modelarska 18

40-142 Katowice

Telefon: +48 32 / 201 08 88

Telefon: +48 32 / 201 08 99

Telefon: +48 32 / 350 10 12

Telefon: +48 32 / 350 10 13

Fax: +48 32 / 201 09 00

Fax: +48 32 / 350 10 14

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